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Service project

F the xin jewelry has a group of experienced in assessing team,Wholeheartedly for the customer service。In equality、Voluntary、The good faith、Based on the principle of mutual benefit,
Urgent urgent person、Solutions of the trapped people,Businesses and individuals to provide for lack of money "Efficient、Quickly、Convenient、Flexible"Recycling service。

  • The gold recovery

    The main recovery of gold bars、Gold COINS、Gold jewelry、Gold;Platinum、22K、18K-9KThe old material, etc。Pure gold Pure gold Pure gold 24K 22kGold 20kGold 18kGold 14kGold Gold bars The brics Gold furnishing articles Au9999。

  • Diamond collection

    Naked drill、Colored diamonds;The diamond ring、Diamond necklace、18KGold with diamond jewelry, etc. The diamond ring Diamond pendant Diamond bracelet Diamond stud earrings Naked drill Circular drill Trapezoidal drill The drill Heart-shaped drill Drill Drill the drawbacks。

  • Platinum Platinum KGold Silver

    Platinum jewelry、Platinum wire、Platinum piece、Platinum powder、Platinum rhodium、Platinum rhodium wire、Palladium、All kinds of industrial platinum, etc;Platinum PT900 PT950 PT990 PT999 Platinum diamond ring Platinum necklace Platinum earrings。

  • Ancient silver recovery

    Yuan big head,Yuen small head,The sailboat silver,Jiangnan Long Yang,Guangxu of hubei province、Xuantong Long Yang,Qing silver COINS,A new version of yunnan guangxu Long Yang,Guangxu dynasty in sichuan、Xuantong Long Yang,Perennial high-priced recycling small silver,Pieces of silver,Silver hao, etc。

  • Coin collection

    The main recycling circulation coin,The year of the monkey commemorative COINS、Shuttle commemorative COINS、Commemorative COINS of the war of resistance against Japan、In the commemorative COINS、1Yuan 5Yuan 10Yuan Commemorative COINS、Zodiac commemorative COINS, etc。

  • Commemorative bank notes

    The founding of the money,The Olympic is super,Shuttle commemorative bank notes,Millennium dragon chao,Century Long Chao,Conjoined chao,Green notes,Conde silver commemorative bank notes,The Great Wall commemorative bank notes, etc;

  • The old coin collection

    The company perennial recycling,The first edition of the yuan、The second edition of the yuan、The third edition of the yuan、 The fourth edition of the yuan, etc;

  • Gold and silver COINS

    Investment in gold COINS.Gold and silver COINS.Commemorative COINS.Postal currency.The animal sign currency.The technology of currency.New gold COINS.The panda gold COINS.The panda kg currency The panda suit of gold and silver COINS.The color of gold.National Day of gold。

Luxury jewelry collection

Fu xin jewellery as a main hermes、LV、GUCCI、CHANEL、PRADA、FENDIThe world famous brand such as luxury goods recycling companies,At the same time Recycling all kinds of watches:Vacheron constantin、Patek philippe、Product family、Abby、All the nations、Treasure to Los Angeles、The count、Rolex、Rudder、Omega、Cartier、Radar、Longines, etc。

Stamp collection

Stamps The sheet Small ticket Article number, rememberTJYears Discount ticket High-school year-book, etc。

Dore recycling

Gold bullion,Pieces of silver,Gold ingot,Silver treasure,One silver·2 silver·Fine silver Silver Silver bar Silver bar Sterling silver Pieces of silver Silver ingot Silver Silver COINS White silver material Ag9999。And so on

Jade collection

Jade collection,Jade collection,Jade bracelet。With jade jewelry collection。

About us

Fu xin jewelry co., LTD is a professional recycling of gold jewelry Antique luxury,And to sell,Consignment,To clean,Identified in an integrated company, Companies adhering to the people-oriented,Efficient management,The concept of the pursuit of excellence and combining with the advantages of the same industry at home and abroad,Keep learning,Innovation,Already out of a set of unique management model,The new banner in the industry have been erected。 !
★The gold recovery★Diamond collection★Platinum recovery★Silver recovery★Gold recovery★Old annatto furniture collection★Not paper recycling old notes★Ancient copper recycling old money★The first 12345 sets of paper money exchange collection★Two conjoined chao triplet bill four Siamese chao eight recycling

Customer case

Pay attention to the real-time dynamic in the industry,Mining industry in the forefront of information。


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